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Pres. Herzberger says: Where is Terrie?

Terrie Valenzuela

Terrie Valenzuela

I am always telling the folks in Communications that no one reads my blog, and they assure me that people do.  In any case, in a September 6th entry I planted a test of this assertion.  I took a photo of one of our dear College employees (“Terrie”) and told readers that the first few new students who found her and introduced themselves would get a gift certificate to use for meals, specifically meals at the Spot.  I deliberately excluded our “not-new” students from the competition because many of them work for her office and would know where it is; and I thought it would help new students get to know the campus by trying to find out who Terrie is and where she can be found.  I talked with Terrie yesterday and she said that no student has found her thus far.  Is it because she is so hard to find, or because no one reads my blog?  I’ll send out word if Terrie ultimately is found, but of course maybe no one will read it.

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  1. Wayne. Harvey says:

    Maybe the reward (a meal @ the Spot) isn’t incentive enough for the task (finding Terrie). Try dinner at the Wardman House with David as the reward.

    • Wayne: I will have to share this idea with David, but I wouldn’t want it to go to his head! You know that each time someone asks him what it is like to be married to a college president, he says that he just thinks of himself as “arm candy.” Sharon

  2. Ted McCord says:

    Hello President Herzberger, We, out here in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado read your entries eagerly. Especially enjoy your early morning walks around the campus.

  3. Jasmine Romero says:

    Hello President Herzberger, my name is Jasmine Romero and I was one of the new students who found Terrie Valenzuela. I was working in the Cultural Center when I read the blog and I chose to participate in the activity. I received the $10 voucher and I would like to thank you for it. I am a commuter and I eat at the Spot frequently so it is very helpful. Have a great day!

  4. Dana Brems says:

    I believe she was just hard to find. But it was well worth figuring out where things are around campus and a free meal! :)

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