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Pres. Herzberger says: The Rock has a new home and is whole again

Yesterday, we marked another page in our Rock’s 100-year-old history with its relocation on campus to about 20 feet north of its original site. At 7a.m., the crew from Carty Construction began the excavation process, with the Lancers and the QC on hand to record progress. As expected, we discovered about many inches of paint on the Rock’s exposed surface—evidence of years of spirited student painting—and two additional feet of granite beneath the lawn. The crews laid a cement base to provide an anchoring foundation and restore a little bit of the Rock’s original height.

Years of corrosion, earthquakes, pranks, and exposure to the elements put quite a few significant cracks and fractures in our Rock, and in some cases it was literally “held together” by the paint (thank you, Society members and all others who have helped to preserve it all these years!). When we attempted to place the Rock on its new base, the Rock split in two. Fortunately, we planned for this possibility and disaster has been averted by a construction-grade epoxy. The Rock is whole again, and we now will fill any additional cracks, and essentially make the Rock sounder than ever, preserving it for another century of use and lore.

I am certain that yesterday’s chapter in Rock history will be shared and recalled by the Whittier community in 2112 as they mark the Rock’s 200th birthday. Be part of it; stop by the site take a photo to share with your grandchildren!

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