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Pres. Herzberger: Summer is Here…

Summer is here, and David and I are taking advantage of a little bit of down-time to travel to Spain.  Right now we are in Barcelona and spent some time wandering down La Rambla near the port and admiring the mimes (see photos).  We have been coming to Spain since the 70s and watched with fascination as Spain changed from a dictatorship to a democracy and as social mores changed in revolutionary ways.  But the mimes always show up on La Rambla!  Tomorrow we leave for the Pyrenees to start our bike trip.  May you have good adventures this summer as well.

David Herzberger

David Herzberger

Pres. Sharon Herzberger

Pres. Sharon Herzberger

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  1. John Vermeer says:

    Great Pics!
    Don’t forget to write. You’re in a fascinating place!

  2. Juliette Cagigas says:

    Glad to hear you are both having such fun. Enjoy the bike tour!

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